onsdag 24 februari 2016


This is a short step by step guide in how i make my trees using tree armatures from woodland scenics and some other bits and pieces

 The armature needs to be twisted to make it a bit more realistic looking. this can be a bit painfull with the larger armatures since they are rather hard to twist near the bottom.

when the armature looks decent i mount it on a base a paint it to make it look less plastic.

 Contact glue and foilage clumps will be used next, i have tried woodland scenics hob-e-tac but it always ends with lots of work trying to fix everything after it keeps falling off.

 Put some glue on both sides of the treelimb and apply small clumps of foilage.

 Try to make the clumps meet near the trunk to make it look like a mass of leaves. When finished with the foilage i apply some PVA glue to the base and dip it in my container of basing sand. Some stones or twigs from the garden will make the base a bit more interesting.

 When the PVA glue is dry i always apply a mix of some dark craftpaint, PVA glue and water (about 1 part paint 2 parts glue and 3 parts water). This will fix all the sand in place and give a good base for the paint when dry.

For this project i am painting all bases i vallejo flat earth with a drybrush of GW Zandri dust. When dry i give it a wash of GW agrax earthshade, this gives a nice neutral colour that does not contrast too much with the grass. 
I finally apply some flock and put some different tufts on the base.

I hope this can be of some use to someone. I Find it best to make larger batches since the process can be a bit messy at times.

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