söndag 3 april 2016

Painted italians

I have been building and painting a few different groups of miniatures lately and finished the basing on all of them today.

 First out is a group of 8 archers for my red and yellow retinue, this gives me 24 archers with these colours.

 This is my first attempt at going for an italian feel. I have used a wonderful venetian  flag that i bought on ebay (look for Petes_flags)

 Some mounted men at arms seems to be mandatory. I am not sold on the way that the horse armour turned out.

 More horsemen, i am rather pleased with the horses.

I now have a few books to get me started.

Next on the painting table is a large group of crossbowmen, some light infantry and another 12 horses. I have also bought some priests and a few other miniatures to use in scenarios.

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