måndag 26 december 2016

Rogue stars, the first test game.

I got some unexpected extra time this christmas so I took the opportunity to try to learn the basics of rogue stars by playing a solo game.

I created two different units with different themes. First i made a Planetary defence force using the militia theme.

Sergeant with combat dress,laspistol, frag grenade and vibroblade, he is a veteran with leadership (2)
Medic with combat dress, laser pistol and frag grenade, he has medic (2)
Tech with combat dress, laser rifle, frag grenade and  a motion detector, he has tech (1)
2 identical soldiers with combat dress, laser rifle and frag grenade, they are marksmen (1)

 The PDF squad.

My second squad was very different from the first, a handfull of small grey alien abductors using the psionic theme.

Sectoid leader With Molecular slugthrower, He is diminutive, difficult target (2), Leadership (2), reactive, psionic with 3 psionics (Blink, Mind control and Guidance)
Sectoid Medic, He is diminutive, difficult target (2), Medic (2), reactive, psionic with 3 psionics (Blink, mindbolt and healing)
3 identical sectoid soldiers with molecular slugthrowers, they are diminutive, difficult target (2), reactive and psionic (Blink)

 The diminutive aliens...

The Sectoids became the attackers and I rooled Mission 5 a rather fitting manhunt. I first rolled crystal forest as location but decided to roll again as I have no fitting terrain. Next roll for location was much better, a mining station. I also rolled for complication and it turned out to be a Huge space demon rampaging through the mines.

 I kept putting down terrain pieces until it looked about right.

The PDF squad was holed up inside a building trying to protect the target for the aliens manhunt (the tech). The rampaging space demon (the unpainted Carnifex in the background) was randomly placed outside the building.

The sectoids started to move  to be able to flank the building with their target, it was rather uneventful for awhile with some sneaking about for both sides.

 I used white dice to mark stress.

As I wanted to test the rules I pushed forward rather aggressively to force combat, the first casualty soon followed with a sectoid taken OOA with a single laser shot! A chaotic shootout lasted for some time without any dramatic results on either side.

The sectoid leader managed after a few attempts to mind control a well placed soldier who proceeded to shoot the target for the manhunt in the back resulting in one wound and two pin forcing the PDF squad to try to regroup but another shot from the mind controlled soldier took the tech ou of action and i decided to end the game.

The space demon in the background did nothing in this game, mostly shuffling back and forth.


The game flowed very well despite me forgetting or misunderstanding the rules. Playing solo and trying to remeber all the different traits on both sides was a bit of a strain but the game mechanics was soon learned.

I felt that the game could handle a lot of different tactics and the action was dramatic.

Squad creation is really fun and it is very easy make squads for different backgrounds and games.
I am really looking forward to play soon again with a proper opponent!

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  1. Great stuff! Hopefully won't be too long before I get to give the rules a go myself!